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Jennifer Magno

Henderson, NV

Liberty High School

Activities & Involvement:

I am grateful that high school gave me the opportunity to try different extracurricular activities and clubs. One that will always be very close to my heart is being a member of the Colors of Liberty team. In fact, I was the second member of the color guard team with a hearing loss. Other activities I was a part of include the National Honor Society, Class Committee, and Choir. These extracurricular activities gave me new friendships, new discoveries, and most importantly, new memories.

Another thing that I will remember from my time at school is all the volunteer work I participated in. High school expanded my love for service and the community, and I am thankful for the organizations that have welcomed me with open arms.

Honors & Achievements:

Maintaining on the High Honor Roll list on all four years of high school is something that I am very proud of. Within that, my classes consisted of honors and AP courses every year. I am also proud to be a graduate of the Advanced Honors Diploma. I was also Student of the Month during my freshman and sophomore year.

Future Plans:

I plan to continue my education at the University and study Kinesiology; specifically, I will be majoring in Exercise Science. My career goal is to become a physical therapist.

Proudest Moments:

I am most proud of staying true to myself and not hiding my hearing loss, as well has proving to my classmates and teachers that my cochlear implants do not get in the way of my success. In addition, I am glad that high school pushed me to become a better advocate for myself because it helped prepare me for the real world.

I am also really proud of all the connections I have made with other people that I know will last a lifetime. While Liberty itself was a big community, there were also smaller communities within it. I am grateful that I was able to find some communities to be a part of.

Sign Jennifer Magno's Yearbook!

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