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Rachit Kumar

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology

Activities & Involvement:

I worked as a TA from my second semester of college up until my last semester, and it was incredibly rewarding and gave me the chance to learn more about everyone.

I also participated in a wide variety of research experiences, both at my school and at other campuses. I fondly recall my research experiences done through AG Bell’s STEM-HEAR program at Johns Hopkins and at the University of Southern California.

I also served as an executive member of various organizations, including but not limited to:

President of Georgia Tech Alpha Eta Mu Beta (BME Honor Society)
Executive Vice President of Georgia Tech American Medical Student Association (Premed Society)
Vice President of Internal Affairs for Biomedical Engineering Student Advisory Board

Honors & Achievements:

2020 Outstanding Academic Service Award – BME award given to the senior that most contributed to the department’s academics and curriculum

Faculty Honors for all semesters – award given to students who achieved 4.0 for each semester; I graduated with a 4.0 for all semesters and thus a 4.0 overall

Future Plans:

I will be starting my MD-PhD dual degree at the University of Pennsylvania this August, and I will be there for the next 8 years. I plan to eventually pursue a career in academic medicine.

Proudest Moments:

I am most proud of what I was able to contribute to my department through my advocacy and curriculum innovations as a TA and member of my major’s Student Advisory Board. I am also proud of my research successes, and I am looking forward to pursuing my PhD during my dual-degree training.

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